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My name is Ellen Ombati and I am the creator and developer of the Acacia Corner, and online blog and resource center for Sunday School Teachers and Youth Workers in an African context. The Acacia Corner was named after the acacia tree whose roots go very deep.  When everything is dry and there is drought, the acacia tree still is a center of life.  At the Acacia Corner, it is my desire to see our students with a faith that goes deep.  No matter what life throws at them, that they may posses a life giving faith in God.

Aside from the Acacia Corner I am a Licensed Pastoral Counselor though the NCCA, homeschool teacher/mom, artist, and curriculum developer.  I have lived and served in Kenya with my family since 2006.  During that time I saw the hardships that Kenyan teachers face.  Many have a class size of 50-60 kids, 1 dedicated teacher and very limited resources.  Sunday school classes may meet outdoors or, if they are lucky, in a classroom with only desks and a chalkboard as a resource.  For them, finding a curriculum that does not require a lot of money to acquire materials, a lot of preparation, and that is written for an African context, is nearly impossible.    

During the time I have lived in Kenya, I have been able to develop a curriculum for teachers that works.  None of the lessons require multiple photocopies or hard to access resources.  Most of the teaching aids and materials are items found in a typical Kenyan home.  I have also included interactive story telling as a memorable and exciting way to teach the scriptures.  All of the lessons have been tested, edited and approved by Kenyan teachers and students in their own classrooms.  Many of the lessons as well also have a Swahili translation.  Furthermore, although these lessons are written for an African context, it is my hope that they may be used in other places as well, such as in VBS or other mission fields. 


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