Enoch (Part 2)

Isaiah 55:2 “Why do you spend your money . . .and labor . . . for that which does not satisfy.”

Our fledgling Bald Eagle friend, Enoch, had become increasingly hungry and uncomfortable.  The sparse meals from mom and dad were not enough to satisfy his taste buds so he hopped up to the edge of the nest, spread his wings and jumped.  Unfortunately, Enoch was not quite ready to fly.  Though he was approaching his eight-week old birthday, he had not stretched his wings enough, he had not flapped them up and down to strengthen his muscles, he had not studied the methods of flying that his mother and father had attempted to demonstrate for him.  He was unprepared for flight.

acaciacorner | The Acacia Corner photo taken from www.pixabay.com

The result was a long fall to the bottom of the forest and a near death experience.  Fortunately, his spread wings and the soft leaf bed below protected him from major injury.  Enoch stood himself up, shook off the dry leaves and began to walk through the forest to find some satisfaction for the hunger he felt deep inside.  It was both a sad and comical site seeing a nearly grown eagle walking through the forest.  The eagle’s tallowed feet are not designed for walking; they are designed for landing on branches and capturing fish.  Enoch should have known this but he wasn’t thinking straight, so off he went looking for a juicy fish meal in the middle of the forest.

God has designed us in every way, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually for a purpose and a way to live.  When we wonder from His ways, we find ourselves in the wrong habitat, looking for something that is impossible to find.  Our natural desire for fulfillment turns into a lust for something that destroys.  God created us to be fully satisfied with Him alone.  His home is in our hearts and His unfailing love satisfies are deepest longing.  It is easy to blame others or our circumstances for the messes we find ourselves in.  It is time to wake up, turn around and take responsibility for our actions.  God is ready and willing to feed us the good food and the good drink that truly satisfies.

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