Enoch (Part 5)

John 10:4 “. . . .the  sheep follow him, for they know his voice.”

Many weeks past in Enoch’s life and it seemed that the harder he tried to be a good turkey, he was simply not able to succeed.  He became more and more discouraged and depressed.  One day he decided to go to a turkey bookstore and purchase a best selling self help book on how to succeed as a turkey.  He put all the ideas into practice and it seemed to help a little but something was still not right.

Biff encouraged him that he was seeing improvement.  Enoch was happy to be accepted by the turkey gang and assured Biff that he would keep trying his best.  Biff explained that trying harder was the key to his future as a great turkey.  With Biff’s encouragement Enoch went back to the bookstore and bought many new titles:  How to Turkey Trot in 6 Simple Steps, How to Influence Others with Great Gobbling and How to Fit in With Rich and Famous Turkeys.

acaciacorner | The Acacia Corner photo taken from www.pixabay.com

As we continue following Enoch on his life journey toward fitting in and being happy as a turkey it should be painfully clear that Enoch is working hard, going in the wrong direction and heading for disaster.  The story certainly applies to the unbeliever who has never been awakened to the joy of following Christ.  For believers, however, this story is also all too often applicable as we lose our way and drift from listening to the Good Shepherd.  For many believers they arrive at a comfortable place, part way toward understanding their identity in Christ but than camp out and never go further.

Like the children of Israel, they found freedom from some level of slavery but in the wilderness they neglected to go deeper with God and refused to hear his voice.  They may have been trying hard to be good people but they did not understand that God had a much greater breakthrough for their lives.  Of all the voices to listen to remember that you are God’s sheep and you can listen to His voice and press deeper into your true identity as a child of His love.

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