Enoch (Part 6)

Proverbs 16:25 “There is a way that seems right to a man but its end is the way to death.”

Enoch read all the self help books and listened to Biff’s advise but something was still not right.  Every now and than he would stretch out his wings and feel the power of something he could not quite understand.

One day he heard a voice from above hoot down at him. An Owl called out to Enoch, “Hey, what are you doing walking around on the ground with your head down.”  Enoch explained that he was looking for acorns, as this is what a proper turkey eats for lunch.  The owl began to laugh so hard he nearly fell out of the tree.  Enoch did not understand what was so funny.  The owl apologized for his abrupt response and introduced himself as Amos the Wise.

acaciacorner | The Acacia Corner photo taken from www.pixabay.com

Amos asked Enoch if he really believed he was a turkey.  Enoch exclaimed, “Of course I am a turkey as this is what I have been told by my friends”!  Amos shared that he had some very good news for Enoch if he was interested in hearing.  He told Enoch that he was not a turkey but an eagle.  That he was designed by God to soar in the sky, nest high up in the trees and eat fish from the river.  Now it was Enoch’s turn to laugh.  This could simply not be the case as he had invested all his growing up years into learning how to be a turkey.  The owl assured him that he was, indeed, an eagle, advised him to look up in the sky, keep stretching his wings and listen to God’s voice.

Sometimes it is difficult to hear the truth.  Enoch had been so convinced of his turkey identity that he was not yet ready to face a different reality.  He knew something was not right, he was not yet complete, but how could he trust this new voice?  Are you ready for a fresh start?  Are you excited about learning something new about God and about yourself?  God is ready to share some great news with you today.  Are you ready to listen?

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