Enoch (Part 8)

II Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.”

Enoch felt bad that he had disappointed his dear leader Biff but something inside had shifted.  A few days passed and, taking Amos’s advise he looked up and saw a beautiful soaring raptor.  Even though Enoch believed he was a turkey, his true eagle eye sight had a very good view of this soaring eagle.  He looked at the eagle and he looked at himself.  He looked again at the eagle and looked again at himself.

That same sense of pure joy once again surprised him.  Maybe he was an eagle.  Maybe he was meant to soar.  He walked back to the forest edge where he had space to practice.  He began to exercise his wings.  He lifted off the ground and began to move gracefully along the surface.  With a few more flaps of his wings he turned toward the sun and upward.  Enoch thought, “Oh boy, does this feel good!”  Suddenly, he heard the voice of the Biff gobble screaming at him to stop – but it was too late.  Enoch felt the warm thermal air lift him higher and higher.  He could see the mighty Mississippi off in the distance.  He soared that direction and to his delight viewed many menu options swimming near the surface.  He swooped down, stretched out his talons, grabbed a walleye and gracefully landed in the nearby branch of a dead oak tree.

acaciacorner | The Acacia Corner photo taken from www.pixabay.com

Enoch was free!  He had tasted of the turkey world and found it greatly wanting.  Now he had finally found his way back home where he belonged.  There is an Enoch in all of us.  The Enoch of the Bible soared so close to God that Father invited him to come on up the rest of the way (Genesis 5:24).  Even as believers we are searching for something better, and God is quite willing to satisfy.  Even in the midst of difficulties and the storms of life we can find a place of soaring. By the power of the cross we defy the law of sin, death and the ways of this world and discover the law of life and libery in Christ Jesus.