We Added a YouTube Channel!

So, we added a YouTube Channel. On our site we have several dramas written so that youth ministers and children’s workers may be able to use them in their churches, groups camps and in other settings. I have been so impressed with our drama team productions that I just had to share them. Please subscribe to the channel and keep checking back as we will continue to update videos now and then.

acaciacorner | The Acacia Corner Ian Duncan (left), Raphael Ndemo (right), Prince Okulo (left arms), Amani Okulo (right arms) perform the Midget Dance Nasha Style

Several years ago our team at Nasha Minsitries was challenged by a ministry partner of ours (Youth Hope) to allow youth to start taking some leadership roles. It was a great idea, but something that was new to our cultural context in Kenya at the time. I approached our board leadership with the idea and was immediately met with a lot of “no’s” and head shaking. They were wondering what the youth could do and what types of jobs would be appropriate. So I met them again with the idea of creating a student leadership program. In this program youth would be paired up with an adult leader and assist them. They would also take part in the drama team – which is something that the older leaders did not want to do. The idea grew and we started with our first student leadership team that year.

The student leaders did great. They helped in crowd control and making sure all the kids and students were getting to the right areas on time. They assisted in group discussions which also helped the other students to open up more in our small groups. And finally, one of the greatest developments that came out of that was a great drama team. Every year after that we had some element of drama in our camps. Sometimes the dramas presented a deep message that communicated the gospel or got people to think. Other times, the dramas were funny and lightened the mood a bit. However, no matter what, our dramas were one of the great highlights of camp each year.

I wanted to share some of these dramas and encourage everyone to see them as an opportunity to give students a chance. Some of the student leaders that volunteered that first year are still with us today many years later and now lead worship, counsel with students and even lead programs. Giving students a chance at leadership now, helps develop stronger leaders for tomorrow.